The Project Room

A few pics from my world

In those 35 years, Curtis has spent most of his time teaching, and playing trombone and bass. Also recording and arranging with the Dallas Jazz Orchestra, at Dallas Audio and other recording houses...such as the Great studio of Robin Hood Brians......he now brings all those hours in the studio to Estes Park.

Curtis Fox spent 35 years in the music industry in Dallas,  performing and recording with the area's top musicians and studios, now living in Estes Park Colorado, Curtis has established a music studio for the day to day music needs of the musicians of the Rockies.( As well as those not living in the Rockies.)

The Project Desk

Its not Abbey Road, but hey! its the Rockies!

Views of the Sound Room

Aspenhoff Studios

and yes, in the vocal room, you can EVEN sing in the shower.

(clothing optional)....... just kidding.

The studio is made up of THREE rooms.. 

The MAIN sound room..the VOCAL room...and the PROJECT room..(with an acoustic piano and media center)..capable of live internet broadcasting with 55" monitor for video playback..